hello :)

Nice to meet you all Midnight Ecstasy Host and Maid club fans :D Follow my blog please ^__^ chuuuu :*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I like this style sooooo much ^__^ I wanna dress like a himegyaru too one day :)
I still have to buy some new dresses, dye my hair, buy Circle Lens (and that's difficult in Italy because I have to buy em by internet dunno how -LOL a lot of stuff I don't understand :D- ah! if you are italian and you know how to buy it, please, comment here, I wish I can know ^_^) and other things, but I think in December I'll be done hahah :D . LOL I finally have a goal :D
You know, in the place where I live its hard to find a "style-mate" if you like japanese fashion, cos most of people dunno anything bout that. It would be so nice going around with a friend dressing like himegyaru ^W^... it would be so awesome being like the girls in the pic ^^
unfortunately I'm just dreaming LOL

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yoroshiku !

Hi, people. I actually am Ningyo Kyo Niimura, yoroshiku. Ningyo is a japanese word which means "doll" and its made by 人 "nin" (human) and 形 "gyo" (which has the shape), so I have a human shape but I dun really think I am, like dolls. I think inside I'm so human to not be still human. Ningyo is also part of japanese legends, it's a kinda siren who brings misfortune.